Guzman y Gomez – Responsive Ecommerce Platform

Guzman y Gomez – Responsive Ecommerce Platform

The challenge

Guzman y Gomez's passionate belief in quality, freshness and a fun Latino spirit have seen their restaurant business grow at an exponential rate. However they also understood that for their business to elevate to the next level, an exceptional digital program was necessary to improve the overall customer experience, reach new audiences (locally and globally) and drive transactions. 


As part of phase one, we set about overhauling the customer experience of the GYG website and ordering platform to bring together online and in-store transactions more seamlessly.

Designed and built to be mobile optimised, the design and user experience reflects the unique idiosyncrasies of the brand that customers experience in-store. By doing so, making getting your hands on fast and fresh mexican food easier and more enjoyable than ever.

The technology solution for GYG needed to match their ambitions as a business to continue growing stores, adding new markets, while allowing for innovative technology and marketing activities to be tested and rolled out.

Our platform strategy focused on ensuring the right mix of central control, scalability and local market flexibility. Our approach was the following:

1. Umbraco was implemented as the CMS to handle multiple languages, permissions and workflows

2. Using Angular JS we used to decouple the user interface from underlying eCommerce and loyalty technology, thus allowing for more marketing flexibility

3. Mobile Responsive


 1. 100% increase in monthly digital revenue

2. 366% increase in order conversion from visit

3. 360% increase in mobile usage


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image 1 image 2 image 3 image 3 (1) image 4