How do you want to feel?

How do you want to feel?


In the Swiss broadband, TV and landline market, upc cablecom has both functionally superior products and better value packages. Unfortunately, this is a category where the Swiss shop with their hearts as much as their heads, playing into the hands of Swisscom, the national provider, who traded on an emotional bond formed around national pride. We had to find a way for upc cablecom to form a deeper more engaged relationship with the Swiss, one interaction at a time.


It was time for the TV and internet brand to start acting more like an entertainment brand. Out went talk about megabits per second or HD channels, to be replaced with one simple question: how do you want to feel? After all, the real purpose of a television, telephone or the internet is to allow people to explore and share our feelings.

We invited users to explore different emotions and rewarded them of footage of upc cablecom's brand spokesperson, Carlos Leal, enacting that emotion. As a further incentive, users could unlock hidden prizes related to the emotions.


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Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3



  • Traffic from new visitors increased by 83%


  • A decrease in bounce rates of 84%
  • Visitors watched 14 videos each on average (300% over target)
  • And spent 17% more time on the site


  • 53% of those who played cemented their relationship with upc cablecom by providing their email address for future interactions (70% over target)